MIKASA Historic Memorial Warship

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MIKASA open 20th June 2020

* Please Cooperate in Measures Against Corona virus Infectious Diseases

・Those who have fever (37.5℃ or above) and/or those who are in poor health


・Those who closely have persons of an infectious diseases or in suspected  
 infectious diseases

・Those who have a record of visiting places where the infectious diseases
 are spread within past two weeks.

・Those who are not wearing moth mask.


*Requests while touring the ship

・Please keep coughing manners.

・Please strive for quiet viewing.

・Please keep appropriate social distance between visitors.

・Please disinfect frequently with the installed hand sanitizer.

・Please cooperate in the prompt provision of information when
 an infection occurs.
 (Registration to “Kanagawa Line Corona Notification System”.)

・Admission will be restricted when crowded.